Sunday, 22 August 2010

The Freak Show Must Go On

Oh God. Yes, well it was going to happen wasn't it. First I get a lead actor who I hate, and now I get one who  is so drop dead gorgeous that I can't look him in the eye. Is there no middle ground ever? Plus we are working all hours god sends so that he can catch up in time for our First Night on Tuesday (argggh!!!)

They've also brought in an Understudy for us both , in case there are any more "accidents". Mine is a six foot ex model from Chelsea who is very beautiful and totally ruthless. She has already asked if she can pay me to have the night off a few times so that she can go on. I said no, thats not what she is here to do. She is here to cover me in case I get ill, and the minute I said it, I could see she was hatching a plan. Bitch. I'm going to have to keep an eye on her, I don't trust her. She's the type that would put cyanide in my tea just so she can have her big "moment".

I never thought I'd say this ,but having been back in the theatre for the last week or so,I'm actually starting to miss the office.


  1. You should get a food taster. It'll make you look even more important (important for putting your under-study in her place) and protect you from deathly illness ;)

  2. Um slap that girl around and show her who is boss. Seriously! As for the Hunk, hey just take it! I mean would you rather they got an even uglier guy than the last one? Nope. So just roll with the punches and show them what your made of! You will do wonderful and watch out for missy over there. Bring and prepare your own food! Just saying..

  3. Good plan Ladies!! Thanks for the support!! Here I go....... x

  4. But if you were back in the office it wouldn't be as much fun for us!