Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Easy tiger

So here it is, the email I have been dreading for the last few days

Hi Harriet

How funny bumping into you like that.

Funny? Hilarious.

Sorry I couldn't really chat, but I didn't want Betty to feel awkward

Poor Betty

I hope all is well with you and hopefully see you soon



Not so scared of commitmenet now are we?.

Is it too early to have a vodka?

Dear Dom

No worries. Good to see you, glad you're happy.


ps Is it serious?

I know, I know, but I can't help it

Dear Harry

Its just easy. She can take it or leave it and thats kind of where I'm at right now.



Easy? Easy!! 

I may have been called many things in the past by men. High maintenance, dramatic, emotional, mad, fun, sexy,crazy,trouble, tricky...the list goes on...

But never ever have I been called Easy. Now where's that bottle of Grey Goose.


  1. It's never to early for Grey Goose... that's what Bloody Mary's are for :-)

  2. damn right. Although I was thinking more of a straight shot, a la Russie....

  3. I guess what he meant was she is easy to be with. Not that you are easy. But eventually he will see Easy is not what he wants. She is Temporary, Easily disposable and there are ton out there just like her.

    And dare I say it, It was probably 5 o'clock some where so drink up!